The Real Sir Elyan:

Did you know?

In Arthurian legend, Elyan was the son of Sir Bors, a knight of the Round Table. Two varying names he had was Helyan le Blanc, or Elyan the White. To be called “white” was like a nickname to describe a pale skinned or white haired person. Obviously, the Sir Elyan from BBC Merlin is a new and hearty twist on legend, played by the excellent Adetomiwa (aka Tomiwa) Edun, which was AWESOME.

Sir Bors, Elyan’s father in legend, was the cousin of Lancelot, and Sir Elyan might have even grown up to become the Emperor of Constantinople.

In other news, some legends say Mordred, Gwaine, and Agravaine were all sons of Morgause… Imagine how strange that would be for the TV show!