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Series 6 – Morgana’s Story Continues (Hypothetically)

Morgana’s final breath is taken. Her soul sinks not to the place of the dead, but to a dark domain where sorcerers are gifted with immortality. She falls upon a wizard, standing at a bridge that curls across hills and passes the lonely horizon.

WIZARD: Look beyond me and view a castle on a hill. Reach it, and you will be resurrected to a second chance, a conqueror. Do not reach it, and you will be left wandering the land until the final judgment.

MORGANA:  What do you mean, ‘final judgment’?

WIZARD: There you will receive dues for your life.

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Merlin’s Influence

Merlin was always trying to do what was best, even when he didn’t know how or didn’t know what “best” was. Often times, he even won others over to good, even without trying. All he had to do was be himself: kind, loyal, and patient.

Scene from Series 5, Episode 8: “The Hollow Queen”

Daegal: You have magic, Merlin.

Merlin: Yes.

Daegal: And you live in Camelot. Does anyone know?

Merlin: Only Gaius.

Daegal: Not Arthur?

Merlin: No. And if he ever found out, he’d probably hang me.

Daegal: But you still help him?

Merlin: I have to. It’s my job.

Daegal: But he would kill you.

Merlin: In his heart, he’s a good man, and I know that one day he’ll bring about a world we will dream of.

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Dream League: Join Team Excalibur

Once upon a legend…

Words cannot express how dedicated I am to making this project succeed. Medieval knights, kings, queens, warlords, witches, and dragons – TOTALLY MY THING! I want to make a fan merchandise store for BBC’s “Merlin” but since making money off someone else’s hard-earned production would be a bit dark magic of me – not at ALL chivalrous – @bbcmerlinjunkie decided to create a store called “King’s Castle Gifts” and promote it here; the inspiration all comes from Arthurian legend and general junkie, geeky, fandom type themes.

If you have any cool ideas which I know you do because EVERY MERLINIAN HAS IT IN THEM TO BE LEGENDARY, stash your product requests below! Nothing including copyrights, please.