Series 6 – Morgana’s Story Continues (Hypothetically)

Morgana’s final breath is taken. Her soul sinks not to the place of the dead, but to a dark domain where sorcerers are gifted with immortality. She falls upon a wizard, standing at a bridge that curls across hills and passes the lonely horizon.

WIZARD: Look beyond me and view a castle on a hill. Reach it, and you will be resurrected to a second chance, a conqueror. Do not reach it, and you will be left wandering the land until the final judgment.

MORGANA:  What do you mean, ‘final judgment’?

WIZARD: There you will receive dues for your life.

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Brother Lancelot

Lancelot coming to ruined roads, arriving yet to Camelot, he finds himself captivating passerby, they with longing glances, revering smiles. His brotherhood remains adoringly in hearts, as if never willing to part; in the presence of brave honor, why would they ever wander?


Brotherhood: A bond between men that’s as close as kin. There is no space for judgment inside this circle of love, and each individual respects one another despite their differences in race, belief, and social status. 

Lancelot: A man who had a dream to become a knight, even without noble birth.   He was willing to do anything to become a kindred soul in the army of Camelot.  His dream came true after Arthur joyfully accepted him as an equal at the Round Table. 

Long Live the King!

In that moment, we witnessed the making of a king, one who would stand the test of time…

Geoffrey of Monmouth: Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the peoples of Camelot according to their respective laws and customs?

Arthur: I solemnly swear so to do.

Geoffrey: Will you to your power, for as law and justice in mercy, be executed in all your judgments?

Arthur: I will.

Geoffrey: Then by the sacred law vested in me, I crown you Arthur, King of Camelot.

Geoffrey: Long live the King!

Audience: Long live the King! Long live the King! (continues to repeat)

I will never forget that moment, at least not as long as I choose to keep remembering, because to me it’s the moment fiction created a crowned king, and I, too, was a citizen of Camelot, feeling all the love, the joy, the angst, and the dread of what he might face as ruler.

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