About BBC’s “Adventures of Merlin”

BBC “Adventures of Merlin” aka Merlin was a TV show that lasted for 5 years, 2008-2012. It was an extraordinary and unprecedented film production: there was magic, mythical creatures, characters, and CGI that were together unforgettable. Nothing like it and nothing ever like it again.

The goal of @bbcmerlinjunkie is to gain appreciation for what the show left after it lives no more. The problem with the Merlin fandom is the division: some want this, some want that – after 5 years, everything’s growing silent.

Not here at this blog! Appreciating BBC Merlin is what we do, for what it was up to the very last episode. It wasn’t fluff. It wasn’t stale. It wasn’t an insult. It was a legacy worth remembering.

There may be fanart, fan fiction, and media from the authors of this blog, especially depending on the support, but we do things around here a little differently. We’ll see where it takes us. Do enjoy.

For the love of Camelot!